The Association Mozart14

Mozart14 was founded to continue along the social and educational projects conceived by Claudio Abbado, according to his idea that “music is necessary to life: it can change it, improve it and, in some cases, save it” (Claudio Abbado Preface in “La Musica salva la vita. Il “sistema” delle orchestre giovanili dal Venezuela all’Italia” by Ambra Radaelli, Giangiacomo Feltrinelli Editore, Milano, 2012).

This revolutionary concept has become our action. Everyone needs music, all of us. But there are times and places where beauty and harmony seem to be far away or even unreal. Places where the strains of our existence suffocate the natural time of life, made of beats, rhythm and sounds. Our duty is to bring music to these places by allowing it to set its power free. This purpose is one that we pursue with conviction. Music saves life. This is not a slogan, it is a certainty.

Mozart14 is the "orchestra" through which we play “our music”. Every single activity enriches the harmony of the entire work. Every new voice joins the existing ones, bringing its melody to a jail, a hospital, to babies, adults and teenagers. Every course is realised thanks to expert professionals and a very high quality of the performance is guaranteed during the activities.

Mozart14 is the home to all those who believe in the capacity of music to make others socialise. Music is a precious and unlimited asset: it belongs to everyone, it has the ability of helping people in need and it can become an effective instrument to build a better society. Whoever recognises this power, or at least perceives its greatness, must contribute to bring music to everywhere it is needed. A duty that we live as a privilege.