Leporello - Music to make yourself aware

“With the magical power of music, we walk lightly in the kingdom of the night” - The Magic Flute

The experience of the Papageno Choir in “Dozza” prison and the wish to include adolescents, have led more recently Mozart14 to develope a new activity, called Leporello, in the male juvenile detention centre in Bologna. Leporello musictherapist workshops are addressed to young detainees (14 - 24 years old) to support them to express their feelings, hopes and dreams through music.

Music is the most loved from the young’s, allows to express the suffering coming from the situation of detention but, at the same time, gives them the opportunity to realise the reasons of their condition. Adolescence and youth bring along great creativity and the will to express it. Helped by music therapist specialised in songwriting, the boys compose and music “the” song of their life, full of rebellion, love and hope.

All the songs composed and sung by the detainees at the Leporello workshops are promoted on digital platforms. The authors, these creative kids and young’s passing by the detention center, save on a CD the result of an expressive experience that becomes a story of life and growth.