Tamino – Music embraces life

The power of sounds and the power of music: this is the duo TAMINO is based on. Since 2006, the TAMINO project involves children in paediatric wards as well as social and welfare centres. With the collaboration of music therapists and professional musicians, Mozart14 promotes music culture among children. If directed at them and their parents, music becomes the antidote for the suffering caused by mental and physical diseases.

During the years of collaboration with the paediatric ward of the Policlinico Sant'Orsola in Bologna, TAMINO has become fundamental for the development of music therapy in Italy. This is now a scientific discipline that is well-known around Europe but not yet in Italy and is a perfect example of how music can really change, improve and save a life. The experience acquired during 10 years of activities with TAMINO is proof of its efficiency and significance. To develop the project, Mozart14 works with the association Music Space Italy which has been promoting training, application and research in music therapy at a national level since 1999.

Since 2006, the musical activities of TAMINO have involved more than 4500 children for more than 4000 hours. Parents and/or relatives participate in the workshops, which are tailored for different wards and ages (0-14 years).

In primo piano