Why Mozart14?

“It’s nice when music makes you cry. You do not need to be ashamed of crying. Crying is good. It means you have a heart if you cry.” (Interview to Claudio Abbado by Helmut Failoni, p.13, in “L’Orchestra. Claudio Abbado e i musicisti della Mozart” by H.Failoni and F.Menarini)

There are infinite occasions in which music can change a life and an important thing is to think for whom it could be necessary. Here you have 14 places and moments listed by Mozart14 in which music can change the World:

1) In hospitals
2) In jails
3) In paediatric wards
4) In juvenile prisons
5) With teenagers
6) Among migrants
7) In a school
8) Everywhere a child is exploited for forced work
9) Among castaways escaping from war and pain
10) In places where poverty destroys the future
11) In places where the Mafia is
12) Where you fight to protect the environment: 90,000 trees are worth a concert
13) In places of war: an orchestra can connect Israel and Palestine
14) Anywhere that there is loneliness, because with music you can never feel alone.